I’m Simphiwe Nkosi. A Web Experience Designer.

Somethings about me.

I’m a South African based Certified Usability Analyst. Born in Johannesburg, I started my career in 2009 when I graduated after falling in love with Design, Web, and technology. My years as a practicing designer have given me the joys of a wonderful journey, from graphic designer days, experiences as an Editorial Designer, Photographer and then slowly converting my craft to be more focused on creating great experiences for users. 

I always take on a design task with absolute love and care, making sure that I understand both my needs in the process but most importantly the needs of the client. Please check out my CV for more detail.

The kind of work I do.

- 01

Product design.

A perfect combination of aesthetics and experience equally considered to make sure that the user journey is up to standard.

- 02

Web design.

Designing for the client’s online presence, using industry best practice UI components for a usable and navigatable interface.

- 03

General design & CI.

Designing for a strong and recognisable brand presence on all platforms. And I also explore photography and illustration.

Let's get in touch.

With the better part of a decade of experience in the design field, I have worked on both corporate and private design projects from simple executable print solutions to complex UX design integrations. Throughout the process, I strive to find a balance between client expectations, design best practices, and a fluid user interface. As a freelance addition to your next project, I can offer the highest level of design expertise for a fraction of the cost of an in-house designer.